Release Notes

Usenetic 1.5.1  Download

  • Fixed: SSL issue with MegaSearch.
  • Fixed: NZB export crash.
  • Added: Usenetic now runs natively on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.

Usenetic 1.4

    Administrative update

    Xorox BV, the company behind Usenetic is about to be converted from a corporate business to a sole proprietorship called Xoroxsoft.

    Usenetic release 1.4 is signed as the new company and you will likely get a warning about this when upgrading from an earlier version, but don't worry. It's a legit update.

Usenetic 1.3.3

  • Fixed: The input fields have been adjusted to allow only permitted characters.

Usenetic 1.3.2

  • Optimised for Catalina.

Usenetic 1.3.1

  • Fixed: Download queue was not handled correctly when downloading many tiny files.
  • Fixed: Restoring the queue after a restart occasionally resulted in high memory usage.

Usenetic 1.3.0

  • Fixed: Newsgroup subfolder was occasionally removed after cancelling queued items.
  • Fixed: Renaming queued titles occasionally failed.
  • Fixed: Some typo’s.

Usenetic 1.2.9

  • Fixed: High memory usage under MacOS 10.14.5.

Usenetic 1.2.8

  • Fixed: Timezone issue in the statistics window.
  • Fixed: Colours in statistics were not saved.
  • Replaced some grammar mistakes.

Usenetic 1.2.6

  • Update: Improved socket handling for faster and more stable uploading and downloading.

Usenetic 1.2.5

  • Fixed: Memory wasn't released when posting files.

Usenetic 1.2.4

  • Fixed a sporadic issue were posting text messages or (large) binaries failed.
  • Fixed the failure message when testing the 'post server' for a new created server profile.

Usenetic 1.2.3

  • Fixed: NZB export didn’t escape all entities.
  • Fixed: Some GUI glitches.

Usenetic 1.2.2

  • Fixed: The MegaSearch interface was hard to read when using the dark mode in Mojave.

Usenetic 1.2.1

  • Fixed: Using a different server profile for posting is now handled correctly.
  • Fixed: Extensions are now handled case insensitive internally.
  • Added: Choose to show images in Preview or their associated applications.
  • Changed: Some changes are made to the ‘From’ header format when posting articles.
  • Changed: Posting file sets are now always sorted as: MainPar -> Files -> VolumePars.

Usenetic 1.2.0

    MegaSearch upgrade:
  • New hardware.
  • Much more content.
  • Better file grouping.
  • Better QuotedPrintable Mime decoding.
  • Better Base64 Mime decoding.
  • Fixed: Some textual replies were not listed.
  • Fixed: Smoother scrolling in MegaSearch under Mojave.

Usenetic 1.1.5

  • Fixed: Sporadic issue were wrong textual cached articles were loaded.
  • Changed: Entries in the Search History are editable now by double click.
  • Update: Small GUI changes.

Usenetic 1.1.4

  • Added: Option to create new bookmarks from the bookmarks panel.
  • Update: Small GUI changes.

Usenetic 1.1.3

  • Fixed: MegaSearch occasionally crashed when erotica newsgroups were disabled.

Usenetic 1.1.2

  • Fixed: Adding newsgroups to post didn’t work.
  • Fixed: Max days in bookmark editor was 2000. Now updated to 3500 days.
  • Update: The PAR library is completely 64 bits now.

Usenetic 1.1.1

  • Fixed: Selecting multiple newsgroups from the newsgroups selector were handled as AND instead of OR.
  • Fixed: The NewsgroupRequester wasn’t accepting all valid newsgroup names.

Usenetic 1.1.0

  • Added: Internal Articles Viewer. Usenetic will no longer use TextEdit to view textual articles.
  • Added: You can now optionally receive beta en alpha releases (see preferences).
  • Updated: All external libraries are 100% 64 bits now.
  • Fixed: When replying to an article, the NNTP Reference header wasn’t used.
  • Fixed: Text colour in left menu wasn’t white in MacOs Mojave.
  • Fixed: MegaSearch wasn't displaying the correct date after a queue restore.
  • Fixed: Right panel in Watchdog wasn’t always expandable after being collapsed.
  • Fixed: When a single TCP Socket was configured, it wasn't always connecting.
  • Fixed: Several bugs.
  • Changed: The max. number of days in the download history is changed to max. number of items.
  • Changed: The GUI is changed at some points for better compatibility with MacOS Mojave.

Usenetic 1.00

  • First non-beta release
  • Fixed: Newsgroup Requester didn't work in Watchdog
  • Fixed: A few small bugs
  • Update: Minor changes to the licensing module

Usenetic 0.95.3 beta

  • Fixed: Queue Toolbar not responding
  • Fixed: Issue with refreshing Newsgroup Listings
  • Fixed: Issue were NZB exports weren't always saved
  • Fixed: Sporadic issue where TCP ports weren't always released
  • Changed: Minimal screen width reduced for smaller screens

Usenetic 0.95.1 beta

  • Fixed: Burry text in MegaSearch results under High Sierra
  • Fixed: Improved MegaSearch scrolling speed under High Sierra
  • Fixed: Database error messages under High Sierra
  • Fixed: App update notifications didn't work properly under High Sierra

Usenetic 0.95.0 beta

  • Fixed: Some concatenate files were not merged correctly
  • Fixed: App crashed with incorrect encoded yEnc files
  • Fixed: Issue when moving files to full destination disk
  • Fixed: Issue with forward slashes in PAR2 filelist
  • Fixed: Issue where filenames started with a dot became hidden
  • Added: Closing connections on exit is not optional (see preferences)
  • Added: MegaSearch documentation

Usenetic 0.94.1 beta

  • Added: Full Retina support
  • Added: Optionally hide the NZB Export dialog
  • Changed: Minor changes to the interface

Usenetic 0.94.0 beta

  • Added: The File Write Buffer is complete replaced with a new Memory Management Module
  • Fixed: Sporadic issue were the newsserver settings did not save
  • Changed: KeyChain is no longer used

Usenetic 0.93.0 beta

  • Added: Watchdog - download automation
  • Added: NZB export function in MegaSearch
  • Added: Scheduler for the bandwidth limiter
  • Added: 'Hide/Show old articles' in MegaSearch contextmenu
  • Added: Make Watchdog Entry from MegaSearch History Entry in contextmenu
  • Added: Option to show more of selected poster or newsgroup
  • Fixed: Sporadic issue where the socket kept disconnecting
  • Fixed: Prevention for deleting files in download root folder
  • Fixed: Several small other bugs
  • Changed: You can now select multiple newsgroups from the popup list in MegaSearch
  • Changed: Several changes to the GUI

Usenetic 0.92.3 beta

  • Added: Option to select the default App for opening NZB files
  • Fixed: The Newsgroups Selector occasionally received an invalid server response

Usenetic 0.92.2 beta

  • Fixed: NZB WatchFolder (auto import NZB files) was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Testing the newsserver in preferences sometimes failed
  • Fixed: Refreshing the newsgroups list sometimes failed
  • Fixed: Several routines are optimised for better stability
  • Updated: Small changes to the GUI

Usenetic 0.92.1 beta

  • Fixed: App was crashing on filenames starting with an '@'

Usenetic 0.92.0 beta

  • Added: Now supports posting of textual and binary files.

Usenetic 0.91.0 beta

  • Added: Apple's as default image viewer
  • Added: Comments and non-encoded text files are saved in a special folder
  • Added: New postings in bookmarks are now tagged with a different colour
  • Added: Downloaded 'Text only articles' are now always shown in the TextEditor
  • Added: Article subject now shown in tooltip
  • Fixed: NNTP Backup servers were skipped for small files
  • Fixed: Progressbar got out of sync in MegaSearch layout when resizing field
  • Fixed: Executing text article when loading quoted text in reply
  • Update: Small changes in the MegaSearch layout.
  • Fixed: Removed path occasionally causes crash during startup
  • Fixed: Download occasionally stopped before completed
  • Fixed: ePub files were being extracted as zipfiles
  • Added: Socket timeout (before socket reset) is configurable now

Usenetic 0.90.0 beta

  • Fixed issue with newsserver settings
  • Added 'show in finder' to Queue->menu
  • Added feature to choose indexed newsgroups from list
  • Added feature to request newsgroups that are not indexed yet
  • Added KB/MB/GB/TB -> bytes conversion for the Min- and MaxBytes
  • Added filename suffix to text files to avoid overwriting
  • Small bug fixes