Preference tabs/features suggestions

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Preference tabs/features suggestions

Post by jculp » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:26 am

I like Usenetic very much. It is very fast and decompresses automatically, a feature Unison fell short at. I will be buying it when it comes out for commercial use (as long as it is reasonably priced) and the aggravating major crash and lost setting/Queue bugs are resolved that I have posted in the bug section.

Features Wishlist/Suggestion
1. A preference tab for special rules (like Unison had) would be very helpful in color coding files to spot them (1080p vs. 720p), kill "sample" files from results, kill crappy/spam/virus posters, etc.
2. Automatic apply rules when displaying by selected group history/favorites results.
3. More automatic than drop down in the search field that had previous key words or phrases used.
4. Also a list of indexed groups to add to favorites by point and click. Several groups I used in Unison don't show up in "Newsgroup" search so I can't search them unless I go back into Unison.

Thanks for the great work so far. I know Usenetic is very complex to code.
Looks like it is the love child of SabNZB and Unison. LOL :-)

If you need/want testers, add me as a volunteer.

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