Conflict with TechTools Pro 9

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Conflict with TechTools Pro 9

Post by jculp » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:28 pm

Every time TTP9 daemon actives its process, the Memory usage for TTP9 and Usenetic skyrocket and go past 35 GB.
Then a warning panel pops up: to shut apps to reduce memory overload and the force quit panel presents itself.
Even closing apps does not reset memory until the TTP( daemon is force quit and then Usenetic is crashed ( losing Queue).)
Then I have to Power Button shut down and then restart.
I have uninstalled TTP9 and it has not recurred.

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Re: Conflict with TechTools Pro 9

Post by Support » Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:26 am

I won't call it a conflict, but rather a TTP speed issue.

What I understand is that the TTP daemon is collecting and processing all data that is written to disk.
Usenetic is extremely fast in downloading, processing and writing the data to disk and it seems that TTP can't handle this speed, so it stores the un-processed data to memory and process small parts of it. At some point TTP has used all available memory and your system becomes unstable.

What you can do is configure Usenetic to limit the maximum bandwidth usage to a much lower value, so TTP is able to handle the amount of incoming data. But most likely, limiting the download speed is not what you desire and a better option is to disable TTP or remove TTP completely as you already did.

That should fix all your issues.
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