Megasearch issue ?

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Megasearch issue ?

Post by Gils » Thu May 17, 2018 4:25 pm

On the web site - - when i’m doing the search of SQAQ4B628U34G56X6QU8, I'm finding an nzb file (see the attached picture).
And when I’m making the same search in Usenetic… nothing is found !
Same result when i’m searching the poster name - Paté Impérial -
Do you know why ?

for information, the same search works on Unison - with the same usenet server -
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Re: Megasearch issue ?

Post by Support » Thu May 17, 2018 4:34 pm

MegaSearch is filtering a lot of junk and I suppose these articles were marked as junk too.
I'll check the filters as soon as possible and alter them if required.

BTW we are going to make a lot of changes to MegaSearch in the next few weeks to avoid situations like this. So stay tuned :)

Thanks for the input.
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