Release v0.95 (beta)

Usenetic release notes
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Release v0.95 (beta)

Post by Support » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:15 am

Usenetic v0.95 (build 1332) Candidate Release 1. Released on April 04, 2018.

Fixed: Some concatenate files were not merged correctly.
Fixed: App crashed with incorrect encoded yEnc files.
Fixed: Issue when moving files to full destination disk.
Fixed: Issue with forward slashes in PAR2 filelist.
Fixed: Issue where filenames started with a dot became hidden.
Added: Closing connections on exit is not optional (see preferences).
Added: MegaSearch documentation.
Added: Full Retina support.
Added: Optionally hide the NZB Export dialog.
Changed: Minor changes to the interface.
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